Nigerian Billionaire Alexander Amosu Bags Honorary PhD in Enterpreurship From Same University He Dropped Out From

Nigerian diamond luxury designer, Dr Alexander Amosu has bagged a PhD in Entrepreneurship from the London Metropolitan University. According to him, he left the university half way in his final year to focus on business as his path in life.

”I left university half way through my final year to focus on my business. No degree. Funny how life is, when they call you back to award you doctorate in entrepreneurship. . Education is key, but life skills are also important” he said.

Alexander is one of the most famous luxury designers from Africa. His company Amosu Couture designs and sells diamond encrusted cell phones, ipads, headphones and other accessorizes.

He owned his first million when he was 24. Alexandr was selling ring-tones for mobile phones. In 2004 he sold a company and used the fund for his new startup – Amosu Couture. His company also publishes the Nigerian edition of British celebrity magazine, “Ok!”.

He also sold the most expensive suit in the world to an anonymous Arab billionaire. The suit sold for millions of dollars was flown to Saudi Arabia in a private jet filled with security operatives. 

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