OMG! Man Left with Swollen Lips After Giving a Girl Oral S*x [See Photo]

Oral sex ba 128129
A young man was admitted at the hospital after he allegedly gave a woman oral s*x.

According to stories by his cousins, the young man got home after the act and started complaining of his neck swelling up. He woke up the next morning with his lips swollen.

He was taken to the hospital, where the doctors ran some tests and told him he ate the pussy of girl with an untreated STD.

Below is how his cousin Icandice Promotions shared the news: She wrote

 “My cousin ate some girl in the plaza p**y and woke up like this. He said the doctor said who ever he gave ‘MouthAction’ too has a very severe sexually transmitted disease that hasn’t been treated in years. My cousin’s throat is also swollen. My cousin says when he gets better he is going to expose her because he could have died.  Fellas be careful out there.”

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