Simi Begs Her Mum To Block Her On Twitter After Her Mum Revealed Where She Got Her Beautiful Voice

It’s no doubt that Nigerian singing sensation, Simi and her mother have quite an intimate relationship, they are it again on social media and trust them to get you all laughing.

They are known to have hilarious conversations on Twitter and Simi even once threatened to block her mum – the singer and her mum had another Twitter convo that’s got people laughing on the platform.

So the drama started when Simi was having her usual Twitter conversations with fans when her mum dropped in a tweet that got everyone laughing.

@Dmv_Scott had tweeted:

“It’s 2018 and orange juice is still better than apple juice.”

Simi’s mum, Ayanfe Eledumare gave a response that shocked fans when she revealed that the singer got her beautiful voice from breastfeeding. She tweeted.

“Nothing like breast milk. That’s where Simi got her beautiful voice,

Lol! It didn’t take long before the music star replied her mum.

Simi she replied her mum and begged her mum to block her.

“Mummy pls I’m begging you. Block me.”

It didn’t end there as her mum wasn’t having of Simi’s rants, she tweeted back:

“You are savage. I carried you for 9 months and 2 weeks and gave you breast milk for 6 months or so. Now you want me to block you. Lai Lai.”

Okay guys, isn’t this the cutest mother-daughter relationship ever? Everything these guys throw cute bants at each other on social media we all grin with envy (Harmless though).

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