Angry Father Cancels Daughters Marriage Ceremony, Asks Everybody To Go Home

Angry father cancels daughter marriage event without any tangible reason, and asked family and friends of the couple to go back to their destinations.

According to reports, this happened over the weekend in Ibadan, the Oyo State capital.

According to Sunday Tribune, the groom, Oluwaseun Adugbe was expecting to tie the knot with his fiancée, Tunji Curtis over the weekend, but few hours to the commencement of the ceremony, Mr Adugbe, a native of Edo State suddenly announced to the surprise of everybody present that the marriage would not hold, stressing that he would not be a party to it.

Report has it that Tunji and Oluwaseun have been dating for about five years and their relationship has produced a child, who will clock five in a few months.

What left family and friends more shocked was the fact that the old man did not assign any reason to his drastic decision, except to say that he had invited the groom to a family meeting a day prior to the marriage but he failed to turn up.

He directed that all preparations geared towards the marriage should be suspended with immediate effect.

When media men approached him for some possible explanations, the angry man said:

“I am not ready to talk to anybody. Please go.”

Tunji who claimed to have been busy with other engagements on Friday he was invited to the said family meeting said:

“This is shocking. I don’t believe this is truly happening, because my wife and I had no issues at all and I can’t remember having any issue with her father. In fact, I sent money to her father last week Thursday as part of my contributions towards the wedding.”

“I asked my father in-law what went wrong; he told me that I failed to honour a meeting yesterday. I tried to explain to him that I was extremely busy making sure that everything was in place so that we could have a smooth celebration.”

As to whether there is any option left for him after the fiasco, Tunji is quoted as saying:

“Right now, I just want to forget about this drama and cool off. I will think of the next thing to do when I wake up tomorrow.”

Also speaking with Sunday Tribune, Tunji’s elder sister, Abibat, who came to Ibadan with about 15 persons, including family members and friends, said she was disappointed by the actions of the bride’s family, adding that:

“You can imagine the excuse that they gave for the cancellation of the wedding. I have never seen any family that is as irresponsible as this. I don’t blame them; I blame our son, who took the wrong step. The wedding is over and we will be going back to Lagos anytime from now.”

Another member of the family, Olayinka Ogunbajo, who brought the wedding cake from Lagos said the family members met the father of the bride on their arrival from Lagos with the cake, saying:

“the father told us where we would keep the cake on Friday. He welcomed us heartily into his house and there was no reason for us to think otherwise. On getting here this morning, we were told that the wedding had been called off. I am speechless.”

Reports say at the bride’s family house in Oshodi area of Felele Rab, where Tunji in company with his friends and family members were told that the wedding had been cancelled, confused attendants were seen discussing among themselves how embarrassing the incident was.

One of them, who spoke with Sunday Tribune, said since the wedding had been cancelled and everybody was confused, “their pain is our joy”.

It is not clear yet what the groom has to say about her father’s decision; whether she was in full support of the marriage, but failed to inform her lover about it.

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