UNIOSUN Lecturer Sends Female Student Out Of His Class For Wearing This ‘Indecent Dress’ [Video]

a lecturer from the University of Osun (UNIOSUN) allegedly sent a student out of the class over her way of dressing.

A female student from the University of Osun (UNIOSUN) has taken to social media to rant after a lecturer sent her out of his class over what he described as an ‘indecent dress’.

In a viral video, the young lady could be seen dressed in a cold shoulder V-necked pink gown, and plaited her hair with pink extension.

Apparently, the dressing didn’t go down well with her lecturer, who saw it as indecent, and even questioned if she’s into prostitution.

The student said the lecturer wasn’t comfortable with her light pink-coloured hair which matched her pair of earrings together with her gown.

She was sent home by the lecturer to change into something ‘better and decent’

Sharing the video, she asked if what she was wearing was really indecent.

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