Watch How ‘Suspected Fake First Lady’ Is Being Harassed And Treated Like A Convicted Criminal

Amina Mohammed.
Aisha Buhari – Amina Mohammed

A few days ago, the Department of State Services (DSS) announced that it had arrested a woman known as Amina Mohammed or Justina Onuoha, who posed as Kogi State First Lady to gain access into Aisha Buhari’s Residence in the Presidential Villa, conduct fraudulent business with Dr. Alexander Chika Okafor (Chikason).

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According to DSS,

Amina Mohammed paraded herself as the First Lady of Kogi State to invade protocol and gain unauthorized access into the Presidential Villa, particularly the residence of the First Lady and Wife of the President, Hajia Aisha Buhari.

She took advantage of the fact that the Aisha Buhari was away and not in the Presidential Villa during the period. She invited popular Nigerian businessman Dr. Alexander Chika Okafor (Chikason) into the Villa wherein she made him believe the invitation was at the instance of the First Lady, Aisha Buhari.

Chikason had complained that he lost over N150m in respect of a Court of Appeal property in Lagos which Amina had promised to help him buy through the First Lady”.

Read the full story HERE, but to cut the story short. Amina Muhammed has been accused of impersonation and fraud by the DSS.

What is disturbing about the manner is after her arrest, she harassed by DSS operatives and journalists during her parade.

Amina even pleaded not guilty. She said she did not fraudulently gain access into the Villa and accused the real First Lady’s sister, Mariatu, and a former Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF), Babachir Lawal, were involved in her business dealings.


In the above video obtained by Sahara Reporters, She was heard saying:

“I cannot be a fraudster, it is not true. No, I cannot accept.”

“This is not fraud, Chikason has been buying property from the Federal Government and he has been doing it and you all know all the directors in the ministry involved will collect bribe before bidding will be out.”

“They should ask the First Lady’s sisters, Mariatu is involved, Babachir Lawal knows about this; all the directors have been collecting bribes

“I can never be a fraudster, I only deal in selling real estate that the Federal Government was disposing. SSS has been keeping me in this office for four months. I came here on my own, I am not a fraudster, I am a citizen of this country.”

Whatever Amina’s sins, she’s still a suspect until the court convicts her of the crimes. But you wouldn’t know that from watching that video. Her rights were violated and trampled upon, she was treated like a common criminal, even though it was clear that she had reported herself to the DSS on the day. She was mobbed by journalists, hounded under a table and made to sob uncontrollably while pleading that she be left alone.

Meanwhile, The First Lasy, Mrs. Aisha Buhari, has dissociated herself from the alleged scandal.

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