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Woman Who Paid $100k To Bail R.Kelly Out Of Jail, Says He’s Not A Monster



Woman Who Paid $100k To Bail R.Kelly Out Of Jail, Says He's Not A Monster 3

R. Kelly was bailed out from jail by a Chicago businesswoman identified as Valencia P. Love who reportedly paid the $100k bond on Monday.

After R. Kelly turned himself to the police last week Friday after an arrest warrant was issued over sexual abuse on four females, including three minors.

He was asked to only pay $100,000 to secure his freedom, even though his bail was set at $1 million.

Valencia P. Love reportedly stepped in and paid the $100k bond to secure R. Kelly’s freedom.

She told Chicago’s FOX32 that she believes R. Kelly is innocent — at least for now — and says she simply stepped up to the plate to help a friend in need. She said:

“There are three sides to every story, [Kelly’s] side, there’s (the alleged victims), and the truth.”

That statement seems to acknowledge Kelly is being less than truthful, but Love also told  … “As a friend if he says he’s innocent, I can only believe that he is innocent.”

Love also insists Kelly is not a monster, and says there are much worse problems in Chicago — like hundreds of Catholic priests being accused of sex abuse and a missing woman named Kierra Coles.

Valencia makes it clear she’s not condoning any of the allegations, saying, “If he did it he is wrong” … but believes Kelly should get the chance to clear his name.

As for the bond money, Love claims the $100k wasn’t hers. She also refused to say who did put it up. She claims the singer is NOT hard up for cash, and she merely helped him get out a few days early.

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