Actress, Susan Peters Vows To Go Naked Infront Of Lagos Govt House, Reveals Why [Video]

Susan Peters has furiously vowed to stand naked in front of Government house if they do not return her new car to her.

Nollywood actress, Susan Peters has furiously vowed to protest the seizure of her new car by stripping naked and standing in front of Lagos State Government house.

The actress who was part of Governor Babajide Sanwo Olu’s campaign team, expressed her plight in a video record she shared on her Instagram page.

According to Susan, her car was siezed on by CSO Leke Smith when her driver violated a traffic offence while going for an errand on October, 30, 2019.

She said her car was seized along with the cars of other defaulters who paid a fine to take thier vehicles.

However, when she went to CSO Leke Smith’s office to pay the fine, she found out that her own car has been transferred to Government house, while other cars were released to their respective owners.

Since then, she has been questioning why her new car was transferred to the government house, but the task force hasn’t given her an genuine answer, nor released the car to her.

She further stated that the CSO, Leke is using the name of the Governor to carry out wicked acts and she would make sure that they do not succeed with her.

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