Khloe Kardashian “Beat Up A Stripper” During Huge Hotel Fight With Ex Husband, Lamar Odom

Lamar Odom recalls the moment Khloe Kardashian found him a hotel surrounded by “naked women” and drugs.

Former Lakers player, Lamar Odom claims his former wife Khloe Kardashian ‘beat up’ a stripper she caught him with during their marriage.

In his explosive new autobiography ‘Darkness To Light’, Lamar Odom recalled booking a room at the Hotel Roosevelt in 2012 – for a cocaine and marijuana-fueled bender with a bevy of women.

The 39-year-old said there were ‘naked girls everywhere’ when Khloe and her mom Kris Jenner allegedly barged into the hotel room with their security guards after getting a key from hotel staff.

She (Khloe) opened the door and pounced on the first girl she saw,’ he said.

Lamar recalled Khloe allegedly ‘beat the s**t out of one of the girls who tried to protest. She’s dropping vicious blows all over the top of this girl’s head’.

During the brawl, Kris was apparently screaming as security attempted to pull Khloe off the woman.

Lamar said he remembers Khloe telling him to pack up his things as the security staff cleared the hotel room of all traces of drugs.

The incident wasn’t the first time Khloe attacked one of his mistresses.

Back in 2013, a woman named Polina Polonsky claimed that Khloe tried to “attack” her after she was caught with Lamar at the Vagabond Inn while the pair were still married.

Khloe initially filed for divorce later that year. However, before a judge could finalize the divorce, it was dismissed by Khloe after Odom was found unconscious following a near-death overdose in a Nevada brothel.

After supporting him through his recovery, Khloe filed again and the couple were officially divorced in 2016.

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