Regina Daniels’ Father Condemns Ned Nwoko For Marrying His ’17-Year-Old Daughter’ Without Consent

“Let’s do things properly” Says Jude Ojeogwu as he condemns Ned Nwoko for marrying Regina Daniels without his consent.

Regina Daniels' Father Condemns Ned Nwoko For Marrying His '17-Year-Old Daughter' Without Consent 1

Barrister Jude Ojeogwu, the alleged father of Regina Daniels, has lamented and condemned the traditional wedding of his 17-year-old daughter to Senator Ned Nwoko.

Regina Daniels, who is now the 6th wife of the 59-year-old billionaire-businessman, married him in a traditional wedding in Ogwashi-Alor, Delta State on May 28th.

The teen actress father, Jude Ojeogwu was forced to come out to the public following the news of the marriage of his 17-year-old daughter to Ned Nwoko without his consent.

The Lagos based lawyer said he is upset by the harsh comments going around about him being an absentee father but said what hurts most are the comments from people claiming he’s dead or will be better off dead. Listen below.

He went on to address Ned Nwoko and said that as a father with multiple kids, he should follow due process before marrying his daughter.

“Let’s do things properly. It’s extremely painful to see Ned Nwoko senior get married to my 17-year-old daughter today,” says Jude Ojeogwu as in a recent interview between Barrister Jude Ojeogwo and a media house, team Cutiejuls reveal that he is not in support of the recent development of his daughter.

When Ojeogwo was asked how old his daughter is, he revealed that his daughter Regina Daniels was born on 10th of October, 2001. Meaning, she is 17 and will be turning 18 in October this year.

Barrister Jude also explained that the reason why the actress’s mother, Rita Daniels made herself the sole decision maker is because of greed.

He revealed that the reason why he could pay Rita’s bride price was due to the fact that her paternal family could not be traced.

Ojeogwo stated that despite not paying Rita Daniels’ bride price, he has been very responsible for the financial support of all his 4 kids with Rita and that the 2 boys lived with him until recently when the mother advised they move in with her into her new home.

The Barrister also revealed that Ned Nwoko is 62 and not 59. He affirms this because they both grew up in the same compound as young boys when they address each other as bros.

He revealed he spoke to his daughter and warned her about the new phase she’s about to start but she told him she’s aware of what she’s getting into and stated that it’s her mother’s decision and also, that Ned Nwoko is a fine gentleman and she loves him.

You can listen to Regina Daniels’ father talking about her in his latest interview below:

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