Naira Marley Shares Prison Experience, Vows To Help Other Prisoners He Met In Jail

Naira Marley pledges to help people who have been in jail for years without even getting to the trial stage of their cases.

Nigerian Rapper, Naira Marley has announced his plans to help some of the people he met while he was in jail who cannot defend themselves.

Naira Marley, who was recently bailed from prison after spending 35-days in jail, took to his Instagram page to shared his experience with some defenseless people he met while he was in jail.

“I have to help a lot of ni**gas I met in jail. I met one guy, he has been in jail for 9 years, never been to the court, as in they haven’t even found him guilty. What if he is not even guilty?

“I met another nigga in jail. Been in jail for over two years because he was in a relationship with one rich woman’s daughter and the woman locked him up for not leaving her daughter,” he wrote.

The rapper further said that even though he can’t change Nigeria alone, with a collective effort from everyone, it can be done.

See the post below.

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