Asari Dokubo Urges Niger Deltans To Join Biafra, Orders Fulani Herdsmen To Leave Southern Nigeria

They (Fulani herdsmen) should all go, we will assist them to leave because this is what we have been looking for all along.”

Ex-Niger Delta militant leader, Asari Dokubo has called on South-South to join hands with South-Easterners following threats from Coalition of Northern Groups, asking the herdsmen in South-South to also leave the zone.

His declaration came on the heels of Northerner Elders asking herdsmen to leave the South and returned to their ancestral home in the north following the suspension of implementation of Ruga settlements a across Nigeria.

Dokubo made his position known in a meeting with leaders of Niger Delta states on Friday. He said:

“We, the people of the Niger Delta today, resolved to be part and parcel of the actualization the United States of Biafra.

“What has brought us here today is the dark cloud that is gathering. In 1967, we did not ask for war, war was imposed on us and millions of our people were killed. Our properties were destroyed and so many people until today are carrying the scars of that imposed war.

“Our people have not gone to Kano, Kebbi, Sokoto, Borno to ask that land be forcefully given to us or that our resources should be used to give us properties in the north.

“But northern organizations and northern individuals have come up to say we must surrender our land to them to create colonies on our land. Are you going to allow that?

“We will not surrender one grain of sand of our sacred land to anybody. We will stand on our land and wait for you to come and carry out your threat and inshallah by the grace of God we will defeat you.

“We have heard that you have called your people to come back home. They (Fulani herdsmen) should all go, we will assist them to leave because this is what we have been looking for all along.

“We call on our people, Igbo, Ibibio, Ikwerre, Ijaw return back home. If anything happens to you and this coward spines on you, you would have yourself to blame. We would not continue to risk our integrity and our pride because of you, return home now.

“We extend a hand of fellowship to our brothers in the middle belt who are suffering the same pain and deprivation as we do. We are with you in your hours of grief and pain and we will stand with you to the end.

“To our Yoruba brothers in Afenifere, and the leader of Afenifere whose daughter has been gruesomely murdered by this Gambari invaders. We condole with you but this is the price we have to pay to wake up.”

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