Nigerians Roast American Rapper Joe Budden For Saying Burna Boy’s Album Is ‘Ridiculous’

Joe budden is getting roasted on Twitter for saying Burna Boy’s album is ridiculous.

American rapper, Joseph Anthony, better known as Joe Budden has come under heavy fire from music fans in Nigeria after he described the current album of Burna Boy as ‘ridiculous’.

The American rapper had playfully taken to his Twitter page on Monday, 12th August 2019, saying: “If nobody told you by now, that album is ridiculous.”

Joe Budden’s submission expectedly drew the ire of music fans in Nigeria who slammed the American rapper on social media.

A Nigerian music fan Oshomah @JohnNetworQ who was the first among many to fire a salvo at Joe Budden wrote thus:

“Ridiculous enough for you to mention right ? No offense but ur entire career is ridiculous G. This is bitterness of the highest level. @burnaboy has gotten more recognition in ur home soil than u can ever wish for. Stop the HATE joe. And yeah, he richer too.

Joe Budden calmly replied @JohnNetworQ when he wrote thus on Twitter; saying: “Ridiculous meant amazing. Enjoy your day.

Reacting to Joe Budden’s reply to @JohnNewtworQ another Twitter user @NwanneAnaedo wrote thus; “Stop confusing us with grammar Joe”.

However, another Twitter user @Barishadness1 who got the drift of the rapper’s comment to mean Burna Boy’s album was hot wrote saying:

“Simple English…folks is getting it twisted….finish High school and stop bulshitin…Ridiculous in different meanings….Google or find a dictionary to know more about it….Salute Joe..

Meanwhile, some who still don’t understand the gist has continued to bash the American rapper.


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