I Shut Down Bobrisky Birthday Party And He Couldn’t Do Anything – Olusegun Runsewe

Runsewe mocked Bobrisky and admitted he was the one that deployed Police to shut down the celebrity’s birthday party.

The Director-General of the National Council for Arts and Culture, Olusegun Otunba Runsewe has confirmed his involvement in the failed birthday party of a controversial cross-dresser, Bobrisky, that was shut down by officers of the Lagos State Police Command.

It all started during programme of the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) last two weeks ago, when Olusegun Runsewe described Bobrisky as a national disgrace who needs to be ruthlessly dealt with urgently by the government. His said:

“Bobrisky is a national disgrace. He started by selling and using bleaching creams, now, he has grown boobs, bums and hips.

‘If a Bobrisky is doing well with his immoral lifestyle, how do you convince Nigerian youths to do the right thing? Bobrisky has the right, but not within the Nigerian environment.

“There are others like him, but they live outside the country. If we don’t address Bobrisky as early as possible, he will form a team that will spread like wildfire.

Bobrisky replied saying he will be waiting for the government official as Runsewe is too small for him to loose sleep over and that he rolls with the DG’s bosses in government. He said:

“I heard someone in the Govt talked about me few days ago. Pls tell him am waiting for him. Is then he will know I roll with his boss in the government and not someone in his level. So he left other serious issue in Nigeria to address Bobrisky. But I am popular sha”.

Unfortunately, Bobrisky’s extravagant birthday party which she/he had been planning for months was shut down by Nigerian police officers who stormed the venue at The Pearl Gardens, Lekki, Lagos.

Bobrisky lamented on his Instagram page that over N19 million spent on the party had gone down the drain, including what appeared to be a lavish seven-tier cake.

On Friday, Runsewe mocked Bobrisky and admitted he was the one that deployed Police to shut down the celebrity’s birthday party.

The interviewer had asked Runsewe to comment on the conceivably funny statement made by “a particular character” on social media after the NCAC boss had reprimanded him “for behaving in a certain manner.” He said:

“I am sure you are referring to Bobrisky. That is a national disaster. He is an embarrassment to this country. He said he deals with my bosses but that is for yesterday. Today, if he deals with my bosses when his party was to take place on Saturday, why didn’t he call my bosses to tell me to open the door?

“We dropped the whole thing and all the food was a waste because he thought he was dealing with the Nigerians of yesterday. A change has come and there must be a new vision for this great country.

“We are going to issue a statement very soon; if we catch anybody on the street disgracing this country — there is law and order in this country. He was only dropping names. He knows nobody. That statement he made is enough to destroy the credibility of our country.”

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