Kano Police Beats Young Man To Death After His Father Voluntarily Handed Him Over To Them

A father took his ‘wanted’ son to the police station for questioning, they beat him to death in his presence.

A 26-year-old man identified has been beaten to death by four policemen after his took him to a station for questioning in Kano State.

It was gathered that his father handed him over to the Madobi Police Station after policemen went to his residence in search of him over a case of neighborhood gang fight.

Nasiru Madobi, the father of the deceased told DailyNigerian that as a law-abiding citizen, when his returned home he took him voluntarily to the police station for interrogation.

“A quarrel ensued when a policeman started slapping and beating him in my presence after an argument. When another officer joined the quarrel to beat him, he started retaliating,” he said.

According to the father, three more policemen soon took sticks to beat his son to a pulp.

“The situation made me leave the police station immediately as I could not stand the pain of seeing my son being beaten on a simple matter that can be resolved among parents,” he said.

Crying profusely, Mr. Madobi added that when he reached home he sent the elder brother of the deceased to plead with the police.

The elder brother to the deceased, Ahmed Nasir, said the policemen ignored his pleas and kept beating his brother until he fell down unconscious with his mouth foaming.

According to him, he had to pay N8,000 before police allowed him carry his unconscious brother to the hospital, where he was declared dead by doctors.

The spokesman for Kano Police Command, , confirmed the incident, saying four policemen have been arrested.

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