Nigerian Singer, Yemi Alade Reveals A Kenyan Man Offered 20 Cows For Her Hand In Marriage

Yemi Alade has revealed that a Masai once offered her 20 cows to seek her hand in marriage.

Nigerian singer, Yemi Alade has taken to social media to reveal that a ‘Maasai’ offered 20 cows for her hand in marriage.

According to Google, Maasai are a Nilotic ethnic group inhabiting northern, central and southern Kenya and northern Tanzania.

The singer, who recently released the visual of her song “Shekere”, which was shot in Kenya among Maasai people, disclosed that one of the tribe’s men offered her 20 cows to seek her her hand in marriage.

However, Yemi Alade said the Maasai man was discouraged by his friend who told him that she is too fat and can not build a house, so will not make a good housewife.

Making a joke out of it, she said “the first and oldest wife house is is usually the first followed by the second wife and others respectively.

“Alot of the Masai Youths are educated and still very cultured, building houses from skillful mix of cow dung, mud and water.”

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