Chloroquine: All The Fuss Behind Coronavirus Is A Scam, It’s Just A Malaria Lung Flu – Slimcase

Slimcase is of the opinion that Coronavirus is just a malaria lungs flu.

Nigerian artiste, believe that all the fuss surrounding the disease is a scam.

According to him, coronavirus is just a malaria lung flu that will self-cure after two weeks without any serious treatment.

Slimcase was reacting to the approval of Chloroquine as treatment for the coronavirus disease in the United States by President Donald Trump.

He commented to Trump’s announcement saying: “I told u all this is a scam”

“Covid is just malaria lungs flu in 2weeks it will self-cure so wats d point,”he added.


Meanwhile, Chloroquine has been on high demand in pharmaceutical stores across Nigeria after President Trump’s approval for the drug.

Pharmaceutical stores across Lagos and Abuja were bombarded with enquiries about the drug’s effectiveness on coronavirus.

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Chloroquine Sells Out In Nigerian Stores After Trump Approved The Drug For Coronavirus Treatment In US

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