Popular Nigerian Influencer, Uduakabasi Emmanuel Arrested Again For Peddling Drugs In Cyprus

Two Nigerian students have been arrested for peddling illicit drugs in Cyprus.

Popular Nigerian influencer, Uduakabasi Emmanuel also known as ‘@uduakisbae’ on Twitter, has been arrested for the second time in six months for peddling illicit drugs in Cyprus, where she is currently schooling.

KanyiDaily recalls that Uduakabasi had been arrested in November 2019, after Police in Cyprus busted her residence and discovered three parcels of grams of marijuana packaged in a nylon bag in her apartment in Hamitköy.

A fresh report from Istablog9ja indicates that the popular Nigerian influencer has been arrested again for the same crime in Cyprus.

This time, a total of 17 grams of wrapped drugs was retrieved from her and a male Nigerian student, Onuwa Kachıkwu, who were reported to have sold drugs to the Department of Narcotics and Anti-Smuggling in Cyprus.

Murat Özkırdar, the police officer who busted them, also discovered $3750, €400, £50, and 1100 TL in a shoe box in their room. The money is believed to be proceeds of illicit drugs sales.

Uduakabasi and Kachıkwu were arrested on Wednesday, May 6, 2020, and charged with receiving, selling and storing illicit drugs when they appeared before Judge Hazal Hacımulla of the Nicosia Accident Court on Friday.

Judge Hacımulla ordered the suspects to remain in detention for 5 days so that the investigation could be conducted safely.

Uduak Emmanuel – had built up a reputation for notoriety. As a matter of fact, she had been known to flaunt her drug peddling and usage habit on social media.

Immediately news of her arrest began making the rounds; a number of Nigerian took to their Twitter handles share her previous public display of illicit drugs.

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