“F*ck Pastors, Imams And All So Called Men Of God” – 2Face Idibia Blast Nigerian Religious Leaders

2Face blasted Nigerian pastors and Imams, warning them to stop embarrassing God.

Legendary Nigerian singer, 2Face Idibia has taken to social media to slam Nigerian religious leaders for not preaching the truth, being greedy and milking the innocent people in the country.

The singer states these in a series of tweets via his Twotter page as he campaigns for change in Africa’s education, religious and tribal system.

According to him, pastors and imams need to begin to preach the truth rather than embarrass God by asking the people for money or asking them to kill for God.

“We “AFRICA” Need 2 change our EDUCTION system. That includes religion and tribal nonsense.

“F*ck PASTORS & IMAMS and all so called MEN of God!! ..GOOD is GOOD and BAD is BAD.
Preach TRUTH. Don’t be embarrassing GOD every where. #ONELOVERELIGION

“My GOD no go tell me 2 collect money for am. My GOD no go tell me 2 fight or kill person for am. My GOD no weak like that. My GOD don package everything keep, that’s why I get BRAIN, i no go turn the other cheek again.”

He goes on to blast pastors, imams and “all so called men of God” reminding all that good is good and bad is bad. He admonishes for the truth to be preached and they should stop embarrassing God.

“GOOD is GOOD BAD is BAD No ojoro. Use ya brain. ONE LOVE is the ONLY solution. There’s enough for everybody. Greed is the major problem,” he added.

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