Who Are Zwicker and Associates? Important Things To Know

Have you been getting calls or letters from an organization known as Zwicker and Associates?

Before you pass this off as a scam, it’s actually important to know that Zwicker and Associates is a real company that you should probably take seriously. But who are Zwicker and Associates, and how should you react if they contact you?

Who are Zwicker and Associates?

Who Are Zwicker and Associates?

If you’ve been getting letters or phone calls from an organization called Zwicker and Associates, you’re probably wondering who they are and why they’re contacting you. The answer is pretty simple: Zwicker and Associates is a debt collection agency based in the Boston area, with employees across the United States.

Who Does Zwicker and Associates Collect For?

Zwicker and Associates work with many loan originators—particularly credit card companies. American Express is one of the major card issuers that has a relationship with Zwicker and Associates. They’re also in just about every U.S. state, so don’t be caught off-guard if Zwicker and Associates contact you, even if you don’t live in the Boston area.

People who have delinquent debt on their credit are susceptible to getting involved with a debt collector like Zwicker and Associates. Now that you know who Zwicker and Associates is, let’s look a bit closer into why they might be trying to reach you.

Why Is Zwicker and Associates Contacting You?

The main reason Zwicker and Associates would reach out to you is because they have bought a debt they believe you owe and they want to collect from you. Agencies like Zwicker and Associates obtain unpaid loans at a discount and then use more aggressive tactics in order to collect that money.

It’s also possible that Zwicker and Associates is calling you because they want help locating someone they believe you might know in order to collect debt from them. While this might seem out of the ordinary, it’s actually legal for debt collectors to contact family members or others in order to obtain more information.

It’s important to note, however, there are pretty strict rules relating to what debt collectors can and can’t do when contacting relatives. For example, discussing the specifics of your debt is illegal, and you can actually sue an agency that does this.

It’s also possible that Zwicker and Associates is contacting you in error, as it’s not uncommon for things to get fudged in the transfer of information from loan issuer to debt collector. For this reason, as well as those stated above, it’s important to know how to engage with Zwicker and Associates, or another collection agency, before getting embroiled on the phone.

How to Communicate with Zwicker and Associates

There are some specific things you want to do when a debt collector contacts you. The first of these is to immediately ask them to verify the debt. This is where you ask the debt collector to prove you actually owe them money. If they’re unable to do this, you won’t have to end up paying them. These are a few things to keep in mind when requesting a letter of verification for your debt:

You want to send out a validation request within 30 days of first contact from the debt collector. When you do this, they must legally cease their efforts to collect until they’ve verified the debt.

Request information about the original lender, as well as hard documents showing you actually owed this money.

Make them prove the amount you owe. Oftentimes, the amount of debt owed gets mixed up in the transition from lender to the collector. Forcing verification can save you a lot of money, whether you owe that full amount or not.

Let the agency know you want proof they have the ability to collect this debt in your state of residence. Most states have their own sets of rules and regulations regarding debt collection. Since Zwicker and Associates is active in almost every state, they likely have the authority; but it’s still worth asking.

States also have rules about statutes of limitations regarding the age of debt and the ability to collect on it. Check your state’s laws before you go ahead and pay a collection debt—even if it is yours.

Does Zwicker And Associates Settle?

While you might not want to get a call from Zwicker and Associates, knowing who they are and what to expect can help you. Dealing with the situation will likely work out better than ignoring it, as Zwicker and Associates has a reputation for being liberal with lawsuits. Speaking with a lawyer if you’re able can be a great help if you’re dealing with debt collectors.

How to beat Zwicker and Associates?

I know what you are thinking! But believe we’ve all gone through that. It’s tricky but you need to know that Zwicker and Associates is a loan collection company.

They are not like banks that have other businesses to do. Their business is strictly recovering loans.

So it will be very difficult to beat Zwicker and Associates. If they call you and you don’t answer, they’ll simply place your number on auto-redial. If you switch off your phones, they’ll send thousands of emails to you. They have all the time in the world to go after you, simply because that’s all they do on a daily.

You cannot beat Zwicker and Associates.


How Do I Settle A Debt With Zwicker And Associates?

  1. Dress up and go for a meeting at their office. Review the case and consider your options.
  2. YOu can negotiate with them about any payment or reduced price.
  3. Make sure you get it in Writing.
  4. Settle your debts.
  5. Voila your free!!!

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