2Face Sent Boys To Beat Me Up For Allegedly Sleeping With His Wife, Annie Idibia – Brymo

Brymo has alleged that 2Face accused him of sleeping with Annie idibia.

Brymo has accused 2Face of sending boys to beat him up for allegedly sleeping with his wife, Annie Idibia.

2Face Sent Boys To Beat Me Up For Allegedly Sleeping With His Wife, Annie Idibia - Brymo

Nigeria singer, Brymo has taken to social media to accuse his colleague, 2Face Idibia of allegedly sending boys to beat him up over allegations that he slept with his wife, Annie Idibia.

In a post shared on his Twitter page, Brymo he was attacked by some boys whom a source told him were sent by 2Face.

The singer said he later found out that the attack was for allegedly sleeping with Annie idibia and for claiming the spot of the greatest artiste alive.

Brymo said he confronted 2Face about the attack and he denied, adding that he has not known peace after he was accused him of sleeping with Annie.

He said when they met at AFRIMA press conference, 2Face elbowed him several times and called his name repeatedly without saying anything afterwards.

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Brymo narrates experience with 2Face and his wife, Annie Idibia

He said, ”In the very recent past, a man falsely accused me of sleeping with his wife.. and I’ve waited in angst, and the words were never taken back still, efforts were consistently made to prove I did it still.. and my soul has known no lasting peace ever since

Mr Innocent Idibia had, at an AFRIMA press conference in 2015/16 or thereabout, walked into the room, sat beside me and elbowed me in a supposed greeting, as much as 4-5 times, repeatedly, while looking away, saying “BrymO, BrymO…..” and we exchanged no other words that day!.

Now, in 2012 I had the opportunity to tour the US with his company… a most appreciated opportunity, as he was by far my most respected act around… he was my first reference at everything, and boy! Did I look up to him!!!

Fast forward to a few years ago, he approached for a feature.. specifically asking me to get on a track with him.. I was initially reluctant to consider it, because I still didn’t know why he did what he did at the press conference years before.. well, I got persuaded to meet!!

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I had, the week before or so shared the company of his wife, a female friend of theirs and my partner’s, and my partner herself.. and within minutes she, Mrs Idibia had asked what the future held for my career.. a question I considered a sleek attack. My answer was my future!!

I proceeded to respond that I’ll be Africa’s finest act alive, and that I’ll reign for a decade .. and I knew I had shot back nicely!!..

Next meet had Mr Idibia himself present, and he made a point of referencing another artiste, who in the past had claimed king at his expense. Letting me know what my fate might be if I kept eyeing “his Throne” .. weeks later I saw the other act bowing to him repeatedly on stage!

Weeks later I was lured into being hosted by a friend I had just met.. and after spending days getting high and philandering, I was asked if I would love to be a part of an organization, of which I responded “well, I might want to, except I do not subscribe to being battered”.

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Minutes later my host said he was walking down to another guest house, where some guy has messed up and must be punished.. told me to come but didn’t wait for me.. well, I was the guy it turned out .. when I arrived at the gate on the street, I was asked to show id

I tried to, truly, forcefully open the gate, stating that I was a guest of the hotel and didn’t need id.. four boys bursted through the gates and launched an offense at me.. I fought back to f course.. got a black eye too!!

Later I found out from an undisclosed source that Mr Idibia was responsible for the attack .. yet I couldn’t decide if it was for supposedly bedding his Mrs or for claiming the spot of the greatest artiste alive!!

I would later ask him directly of course.. and he denied flat.. then minutes later said, as the source also mentioned .. that some ppl said I was saying things about him, and finished by saying ppl just talk .. !!!.. and that the boys who attacked me called him “egbon”.

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on that meet with him, my partner had asked me a question I had lied about before, and I had confessed about the girl..and when asked about still seeing his baby mama, he said he wasn’t seeing her anymore.. and the wife stormed off not believing it..”na brymo fault” he said.

Up until a few weeks ago, I have found myself being forcefully shoved to take on his life’s image.. to make his mistakes and experience his pains..Mr Idibia has truly gone and tinkered with my life for months .. upon months

It may be prudent of him, to desist from interactions with things and ppl that are close to me, in my domestic spaces, and in the field of survival.. I have carried these emotions for many months, and I won’t rush to this for publicity .. it is not funny .. this is madness!!.”

This is coming a few weeks after 2Face fixed the crisis rocking his marriage with Annie Idibia on his 46th birthday.

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