Bubblers Guide: How to Choose One for Your Requirements and How to Use It?

Have you wondered what a bubbler is or why you should get one? After all, most people are content with bongs. The thing is that bongs have existed for so long that they’ve become the norm.

Bubblers guide. How to use a bubbler

Bubblers are great alternatives to your average bong or water pipe. Bubblers provide many of the same effects as bongs while having a smaller footprint and fewer components. It’s no wonder why these smoking devices are widely preferred to other smoking apparatuses by those who want smooth hits and high efficiency without the hassle.

Here’s how to choose the right bubbler.

The first criteria should be the size. Smaller bubblers are ideal for people who want to keep their options open. If you’re not sure what type of smoking materials you’ll be using in the future, then a small one is the way to go.

However, some people prefer larger bubblers because they can hold more water than smaller ones. The best size will depend on your personal preferences, so choose wisely.

Water Capacity
Another good thing to consider is water capacity. You can pick between these accessories that have small or large capacities, but if you’re starting, then anything over five ounces should work.

Material Quality
There are bubblers made from glass, plastic, metal, and wood. The material you need will depend on your preferences and the kind of smoke you’re looking for.

Glass ones are great because any sediment inside won’t affect their performance. As long as it’s thick enough, glass is also sturdy and less likely to break than other materials. These are great for outdoor use.

Wood is excellent if you prefer the aesthetics of wood, but it isn’t as durable as glass. Metal bubblers are sturdy, but they’re easily affected by heat. On the other hand, plastic is preferable to glass or metal in terms of insulation properties. That being said, plastic is easier to clean than glass or metal.

Don’t choose a bubbler that’s too big for your space. Otherwise, you’ll have to move it when you want to do other things in the room. If your room restricts the size of your smoking device, then use glass or metal instead of plastic. The latter tends to look tacky in small spaces.

Accessibility and Ease of Use
According to reports, the rise in consumption of various smokable medicinal herbs like Mullein, White Horehound, Hyssop, Korean Ginseng has boosted the demand for the smoking accessories market over the forecast period.

Now that you’ve chosen the material, get a bubbler that’s easy to use. You don’t want to have to deal with complicated mechanisms. The best way to ensure this is by getting a bubbler with simple features.

If possible, choose one with an automatic carburetor or an ice catcher. Also, try out how it feels when you’re smoking and take note of the process. The less time-consuming it is, the better.

You should also get a bubbler that’s easy to clean. It will make taking care of your device more manageable and more effective. Dealing with hard-to-reach spots can be frustrating if you don’t have the right tools.

To do this, choose a smoking device with simple parts that are easy to take out and clean. Also, look for less porous materials since they’re easier to clean than porous ones, which can be difficult to sanitize because of their tiny crevices.

How much do Bubblers cost?

Last but not least, consider the price. Generally, glass bubblers are the cheapest. They’re also easier to find than bubblers made from other materials. Most likely, you’ll have to spend more money if you want a bubbler with advanced features like an ice catcher or auto carburetor.

However, some brands create high-quality smoking accessories at reasonable prices. If you’re looking for something durable and easy to use, then don’t let the price tag scare you away.

All in all, it’s best to get a bubbler that has high-quality materials and advanced features. Fortunately, many brands create devices with these qualities at affordable prices.

To buy a bubbler it’s best to keep at least $200.

How do you use a Bubbler for the first time?

Here are a few tips to make sure you use your device correctly.

Use Distilled Water
It will make it easier to clean since cleaner is more effective on distilled water. You can purchase distilled water or boil regular tap water before using it.

Fill the Bubbler Halfway

One of the best ways to maintain its performance is by filling it up halfway. That way, it’ll be easier to clean, and the bubbler won’t overflow.

Use Filtered Smoke
Filtered smoke is much easier to draw through a bubbler. This way, you can avoid inhaling ash and other unwanted substances commonly found in the weed you’re smoking.

Adjust the Carburetor to Your Preferred Position
Some people prefer their bubblers with empty carbs, while others prefer partially closed ones. That being said, it’s best to adjust your carburetor according to your preference. The right way to do this is by closing the carb as much as possible without causing an overflow.

Beware of plastic parts. Plastic contains tiny holes that accumulate tar and resin regularly. These might affect airflow and affect the taste of your smoke. They can also release harmful toxins into your smoke, which can be detrimental to your health.

Use a Lighter
Using matches is harder. It isn’t easy to properly light the device, and it doesn’t deliver as much heat as lighters do. The latter will make it easier to draw smoke through the bubbler.

Don’t Use Butane Torches
Using these types of lighters can have some unintended effects on your bubbler’s performance. First, the accumulated tars and resin can melt due to exposure to high heat.

They’ll coat your device with a sticky substance that will affect airflow and smoke quality. Second, you might end up with a bubbler that leaks if the gas in the torch escapes and creates tiny holes.

These are just some of the things you can do to make your bubbler last longer and work better. That being said, it’s best to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using it for the first time.

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