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BBTitans: Olivia’s, Mmeli And Thabang’s Chaotic Love Triangle



Turns out there’s another love triangle in the BBTitans’ house that we might not have noticed.

BBTitans: Olivia's, Mmeli And Thabang's Chaotic Love Triangle

After the party on Saturday night, a lot happened. One of which was Olivia’s drunk episodes.

Apparently her major love interest, Mmeli noticed she was getting intimate and giving the green light to another housemate Thabang, and confronted the issue.

He was seen telling Olivia in Thabang’s presence;

“Don’t play around with me. If you like Thabang go ahead and say it, don’t fcuk around with me. I’m a good guy but if certain people want to turn me to the devil, I don’t mind being a devil” Thabang replied, “She’s trying to use you to make me jealous’ 

Meanwhile, in a conversation with Juicy Jay, Olivia stated that she likes Mmeli, but he’s not her kind of man and she added that she doesn’t know anything about the triangle she’s in.

I like Mmeli, but he’s tough, not my kind of guy. I’m never talking to him again. I am in a triangle I don’t know about” She said, laughing.

Watch the video below:

A tight ‘Sismance’ has also started between Olivia and Yvonne. The two are mostly seen together, gisting and gossiping.

In other news, KanyiDaily reported how the housemates bonded by presenting cookies to each other.

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