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#BBTitans: Nana And Nelisa Kiss Each Other Passionately



The Saturday night party always comes with a sort of after-party inside the Big Brother house, with the BBTitans housemates dishing out every kind of fun and drama.

#BBTitans: Nana And Nelisa Kiss Each Other Passionately

Following the party, the housemates had a lot to drink, and some of them couldn’t handle the effects that the alcohol brought unto them, to the extent of their true colours were showing.

Nana initially started the drama from the dance floor, hitting on Kanaga jr. and Tsatsii, and she almost got sensual with them. She moved to Khosi and they danced and hugged several times. At this point, the ‘real Nana’ was starting to come out of her shell.

Getting back to the house, drunk and free, she expressed herself to Nelisa and they kissed. It was a really intense and shocking moment. However, both housemates had hinted earlier that they are into women. There’s more drama brewing.

Recall, that KanyiDaily reported how Nana said she used Kanyanmata to gather many senators 

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