Efe Irele Tackles Stella Damasus For Cautioning Parents Who Put Their Children On Leash [Video]

Nollywood actress, Efe Irele has tackled her colleague, Stella Damasus, over the use of child harnesses by parents.

Efe Irele Tackles Stella Damasus For Cautioning Parents Who Put Their Children On Leash [Video]

In a video shared on her Instagram page, Stella Damasus cautioned parents against putting their children on a leash, emphasizing that children are not dogs and should not be treated as such.

She further suggested that if children exhibit challenging behavior or throw tantrums, parents should consider consulting psychologists or seeking professional help rather than resorting to the use of leashes.

“Parents will put on a leash on their children as though they are dogs, they are not dogs, they are children,” the actress lamented.

“I don’t care how problematic your child is, I don’t care how badly behaved your child is. There is no place on this earth that is okay for a woman on a leash physically.”

Damascus advised parents who had children with issues to find a solution, a doctor, a therapist or anyone or even keep the children at home. She also urged them to find a caretaker if the child is too big to carry.

“It is wrong to put a leash on their hands, waist, on the neck, they are not dogs, they are children,” while urging people to advise any of their known contacts who had been doing so to stop it. It is wrong,” she stated.

Efe Irele Disagree With Stella Damasus

Reacting in the comment section, Efe expressed her disagreement with Damasus’ viewpoint, highlighting the importance of understanding the individual circumstances that lead parents to use child harnesses.

Sharing a personal experience, Irele revealed that she has a 27-year-old brother who lives with autism. When he was younger, it was challenging to take him out in public without the assistance of a leash.

The actress argued that it is unfair to judge parents without considering the unique challenges they face and the reasons behind their choices.

She emphasized that parents should be allowed to make decisions that they believe are necessary to protect and handle their child, without being subjected to judgment or criticism.

Efe Ireti wrote: “With all due respect this is unfair and hurtful, I don’t feel it’s right to assume the child is ‘badly behaved’ and that’s the reason for this. You can’t judge without understanding the reasons why, When my now 27 years old brother living with autism was little that was the SAFEST and most effective way to be in public.

“Kids living with AUTISM, ADHD etc have different character traits, some don’t like being held, so imagine holding the hand of such child and the all you have to deal with is HUGE tantrums through your outing. Or alternatively you allow the kid walk on his/ her own and two seconds later your chasing the child into the road with a trailer heading towards him/her,

“I’m speaking from personal experience and it hurts so much when the first thing people do is judge how one handles their kids or siblings in public without knowing the reasons why.

“You have no idea the strength and courage it takes for people with kids/ siblings like this to take them out it public, be kind to everyone and don’t question their choices.

“Please be kind, it’s challenging enough living with special people, lets allow people making choices in their lives without overthinking the backlash they would receive for doing what’s SAFE for them and their kids.”

Efe Irele Tackles Stella Damasus For Cautioning Parents Who Put Their Children On Leash [Video]

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