“I Was Called Wombless, Abortionist, Junky…” – Phyna Speaks On Fight With Chi Chi

Former Big Brother Naija housemate, Phyna has opened up about her clash with her colleague, Chi Chi during the BBNaija season 7 Reunion show Day 4.

"I Was Called Wombless, Abortionist, Junky...” – Phyna Speaks On Fight With Chi Chi

KanyiDaily recalls that during a heated confrontation on Thursday night, Phyna rained insults on Chi Chi, invoking the memory of her deceased parents and child.

Phyna also resorted to age-shaming, claiming that Chi Chi, whom she alleged to be 33 years old, was a “mother of two, with one child abandoned and one who died.”

To escalate the insults, Phyna alleged that Chi Chi’s brain was filled with silicone implants, insinuating that she lacked the intelligence to engage in conversations among “human beings.”

The intense verbal clash between Chi Chi and Phyna quickly went viral, drawing widespread attention and sparking a lot of reactions from Nigerians.

Phyna Addresses Her Clash With Chichi

Reacting to the backlash on Friday, Phyna took to social media to express her grievances, accusing BBNaija producers of being biased by only airing her side of the story.

She claimed that the parts where Chichi allegedly wished her death and hurled derogatory insults at her, such as calling her womb-less, having saggy breasts, being an abortionist, and a drug addict, were omitted from the broadcast.

The reality star explained that she participated in the reunion show because she saw it as an opportunity to pitch her own project which was initially ignored by the producers.

She revealed that on the first two days of the reunion, she was insulted repeatedly until she responded on the second day after the producers pulled her aside and encouraged her to speak up if she wants them to consider her project.

Phyna expressed her frustration at being portrayed as the villain. She questioned the fairness of the editing process and called for transparency, noting that the other 27 housemates could testify to her claims if they chose to do so.

She wrote, “Just so the world know, I went for reunion because I am a hustler and was happy they were finally going to reply me and pay attention to the show I was pitching, but unfortunately there are chats and evidence.

“I was pitching a show they didn’t reply, time for reunion I refused to go, they now convinced me come that after reunion we talk about it, evidence dy sha, day 1 I was insulted, day 2 I was also insulted it was dying moment that I now reacted.

“They took me to one corner on day 2 telling me to speak up if I’m going to allow everyone talk down on me… and promised to look into my project I have been reach out for, I went back and decide to answer all the insults I have already received, nice.

“Phyna is always the bad one, God Dey… make Una dy fight with Una full chest, stop fighting with connection and money….. do your truth.

“I can be anything and everything but I don’t go on someone unprovoked, and I return equal energy, when they make you they break you

“They took off where I was bodyshamed called saggy breast and shapeless, they took away where I was called wombless and abortionist, they took away where I was called a junky a drug addict that deal on crack, they took away where I was wished death

“They took away where I was call a man snatcher, day 1 and they jumped to day 2 for my own clap back. …God of phyna where are you. Even the whole 27 housemates can attest if they want to

“.. well I guess after they MAKE YOU. They BREAK YOU.”

KanyiDaily recalls that during the BBNaija reunion, Chi Chi also accused her colleague and love interest, Deji, of engaging in relationships with older women to sustain his lifestyle.

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