How Objects Were Removed From My Body After Spiritual Attack – Chiwetalu Agu [Video]

Nollywood actor, Chiwetalu Agu has revealed how various objects were romoved from his body after he was allegedly attacked spiritually.

How Objects Were Removed From My Body After Spiritual Attack - Chinwetalu Agu [Video]

The actor, who had been confined to his bed for an undisclosed ailment, shared his spiritual battle and subsequent recovery during an interview with media personality, Chude Jideonwo.

Chiwetalu Agu had previously shared a video showcasing various objects that were allegedly removed from his body due to the spiritual attack. The objects included cowries, sea stones, pins, keys, bullets, and shattered mirrors.

Speaking for the first time about the attack since regaining his health, the actor recounted visiting a spiritual leader, Prophet Ugo, who played a pivotal role in his healing.

He described the discomfort he experienced, where these malevolent elements inside his body would cause intense scratching and pain, giving him a sense of impending doom.

Chinwetalu Agu spoke highly of the Prophet’s prowess in utilizing holy oil to counteract the negative effects of these sinister objects. He expressed gratitude for the remedy that Prophet Ugo provided, indicating that he was able to sense and extract the foreign items causing his distress.

The actor expressed his intention to offer a special thanks to God for his recovery and revealed that he had kept the retrieved items as a testament to his victory over this trying period.

He said, “People were looking at me as if I was dying, I was shrinking. These were deadly arrows. Pins were there, cowries were there, sea stones, fetish substance. Inside my body. And they’d scratch me, I’ll scratch.

“Then I’ll go to Prophet Ugo who is somewhere…there’s a place called ‘Maryland area’, he has his office there. He’s a man I’ll call my man. We all have seen this world from peculiar angles where your enemy, personal enemy, family enemy, would just use medicine.

“In Yoruba you call juju. You won’t know when they enter your body. But when you know is when they begin to scratch you, to give you hell, that is to pain you as if you’ll die the next moment, you know.

“But if you go to Prophet Ugo, he will bring his holy oil to treat you. If you say it’s here, he’ll bring the oil, rub here, rub it this way, and hold and feel it. If he feels the pin in your body, he’ll pull it. My place is not that far. But you saw the picture on Instagram. Otherwise, I’d have gone to bring them. They’re still there fresh.

“I’m keeping all of them for D-day. When I’ll say, ‘God, let me go and give special thanks to you’. I’ve been thanking God every morning is my prayer, but this one I’m going to do it for God.

“Even many who were vast in using ‘medicine’ to kill fellow human beings, they saw me when I survived some of their attempts and they marveled.”

KanyiDaily recalls that Chiwetalu Agu had also revealed how he declined a tempting N10 million offer to take on a movie role from billionaire business mogul, Mike Adenuga.

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