Imo Traditional Ruler, Eze Mathew Onweni, Accused Of Electoral Fraud And Murder!

Imo Traditional Ruler, Eze Mathew Onweni, Accused Of Electoral Fraud And Murder! 1
Imo Traditional Ruler, Eze Mathew Onweni, Accused Of Electoral Fraud And Murder! 2


The traditional ruler of Ogbor autonomous community in Isiala Mbano of Imo state, Eze Mathew Onweni, has been accused of registering underage voters during the last election. Evidence received by Saharareporters, includes pdf copies of the Federal Republic of Nigeria’s valid registration forms, some of which have pictures of young children believed to be Mr. Onweni’s. The first INEC form has five individuals’ forms numbered 241-245. Most of the registered voters appeared much younger than the age stated on the form.

Eze Onweni is deputy chairman of the Imo State Council of Ezes. He is alleged to have also bribed the INEC officials during the recent gubernatorial election. He has threatened his own nephew with a vow to make him “disappear.”

His nephew, Mr. Geoffrey Chigozie Onweni, an A C N agent, claimed his uncle offered him N50 000 to “allow him thumb print the remaining ballot papers remaining at the election for PDP and I refused the offer.” He reported that Eze Onweni was “infuriated” and “threatened” to “deal” with him after winning the elections.

Following the incident, a number of youths left the A C N and joined the APGA. Chigozie described an incident in which his friend, an A C N chieftain visiting from the USA, had his car damaged when Mr. Onweni flew into a rage after noticing an APGA sticker on the vehicle. He caused considerable damage to the bonnet (hood) of the car and police were called to the scene. Instead of charging the traditional ruler to court, the police arrested Chigozie after Eze Onewni contacted some people in the Governor Ohakim’s cabinet who ordered Chigozie’s detention.

Chigozie father was also briefly detained when he came to inquire about his sons’ arrest. His friend visiting from the United States bailed him out the same day.

However, this was a beginning of Chigozie’s real ordeal with his uncle. After the supplementary election, he was re-arrested for over 24 hours without charge or any statement given. The DPO then summoned a family meeting, which included the traditional ruler and Chigozie, with his brothers and father present.

In documentary evidence supplied to Sahara Reporters, there is an “Invitation for a Meeting” letter, addressed to Mr. Geoffrey Chigozie Onweni from the State Security Service Bureau of the Executive Governor’s Office on August 8th 2011 at 9:30am. It outlined the purpose of the meeting with Senior Special Assistant (Admin) as a petition of insecurity of life of Mr. Chigozie and his family by Eze Mathew Onweni. The letter was signed by the Hon. Okpokoro SA Security (Okigwe Zone).

It was during this meeting that Chigozie was warned not to pursue his quest to try and implicate Onweni otherwise he would, “disappear.” Chigozie said the DPO and the police were witness to the threat.
In addition to the evidence of the electoral voters’ bribes, Chigozie accused his uncle of being responsible for ordering about three extra-judicial killings. Two of the victims were accused of being militants who had come back from the city and were poised to turn into a life of crime if allowed to stay.

Meanwhile, Chigozie states that the real reason of their killing was because they were mere poor people who were also vying for the Ezeship with the family of Chigozie and his uncle Onweni. They were killed in a rivalry local war for the traditional ruler’s seat. Chigozie promised to provide the names of the deceased and their families once a trial of the voter fraud is underway. As if the killing was not enough, Onweni ordered the relatives of the dead to pay N5000 before they could claim the bodies of the deceased.

Geoffrey Chigozie has vowed to do all he can to ensure that justice is done. He petitioned the police after his lawyers advised him that he should settle by accepting the money offered to him by Eze Onwueni in return for peace.

Source: saharareporters

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