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No, I did Not Sleep With Clayton!’ – BBA’s Weza Solange



No, I did Not Sleep With Clayton!’ – BBA’s Weza Solange 3

Weza Solange recently wrote a letter to all her fans on her blogspot page. This is an excerpts of what she wrote.
Hello everyone, gosh I don’t know where to start… It has taken me a while to find the time to sit down and start writing again. I promised myself that I wouldn’t sleep today until I finally did it and here I am, sipping on a glass of wine and playing Amy Winehouse on the background for inspiration.

So much has happened since I last poured my heart and soul out here on my blog for all to see.
I mean if you’re a regular visitor to my blog then obviously you know by now that I was in the Big Brother house! People keep asking me, ‘how was it?!’ I’m not sure what you want me to say, damn it was… I don’t know… surreal?
Now that I’m out it feels like I was never there, the only proof are the videos and photos on the BBA website and the stuff on YouTube. While in the house, I felt like I was there for eternity, now, I just have quick flash backs of what happened.
I know that a lot of you have many questions and obviously I can’t address them all, I mean it would take a whole new season of BBA to fill u in every single juicy detail. But I figured that there are some questions that are asked so many times, they deserved to be addressed, maybe this way you will stop harassing me on Twitter and Facebook and we can move on from here!
1. No, I do not call Felicia a witch!
2. No, I do not hate Millicent.
Guys what you have to understand is that it was a game, and I think that if there are two people who understand that better than many housemates these two people are Millicent and I. Yes, there were times while in the house where we probably couldn’t stand each other, it’s normal. Out here, in the ‘REAL WORLD’, we couldn’t care less of what one said about the other. We are two grown a** women who just want to make it in our industry, pay our bills and live in peace.
I wouldn’t be surprised if we ended up doing something together in the future.
3. No, I do not have sex for exercise. The fact that I’m actually addressing this is ridiculous but it seems like ‘many’ people do not have a sense of humour. It was ‘A FREAKING JOKE’ people.
4. No, I did not sleep with Clayton! Really people! ME? Have sex on TV, please!!!! Believe me, if I had had sex in that house, there would be no speculations, you would have known, HELL, you would have heard. Anyway did u guys forget about my three month rule? lol.
5. I was not going out with Alex. We kissed ONCE, during the truth and dare game, and that was it! The rest was a lot of flirting, playing with each other’s minds, one trying to throw the other off their game etc. I guess that the main problem with Alex and I was that only we knew that we were playing that mind game, AFRICA didn’t get it. It was damn entertaining though, you’ve got to admit it.
6. Alex and Clayton… who’s the better kisser? Yeah right, like I would ever answer that one. You go and try it out then be the judge.
7. Would I ever do Big Brother again? No! It was an experience, both good and bad. Taught me many things, I kind of rediscovered myself while in the house.
The whole ‘today I want u tomorrow I don’t’, the whole saying one thing and doing another, that was hundred percent me. I’m human; I’m indecisive at times, stubborn at others, and bossy, strong-willed, your best friend or your worst enemy etc. I bared it all for Africa to see and whether you love or hate me, that’s me and there’s nothing you can do about it.
So there you go guys, there are the answers to the most frequently asked questions. Obviously many of you still have things to ask, but let’s look at it this way, it’s over. The game is over; we already have the winners, what’s the point of going back in time? I’m the kind of woman that likes moving forward, I do not reminisce on the past, I never regret things I did, and I learn from my mistakes and move on!
To end this letter I would love to thank all my supporters! My family, friends, fans, haters, all of you contributed to my success and for that I will be forever grateful. I keep saying that this is not the last you have seen or heard of Weza Solange Canhica Da Silva but I guess every other housemate has been saying the same, and since I like being different let me just say actions speak louder than words and ‘ WATCH THIS SPACE’.
Love you all, Thank you for your continued support and I hope to continue growing with all of you by my side.

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