Check Out Osaze Odemwinge’s Girlfriend!

Check Out Osaze Odemwinge's Girlfriend! 1

The truth must be told Freda Edewor Francis is a fine girl but some insists her
character isn’t fine at all. Recently, some of her ‘friends’ came for her
jugular , firing spiteful comments here and there on the babe. Some insists
that her so called romance with rich footballer, Osaze Odemwinge is a

According to the gist making the rounds, the
romance ‘tale’ about her and Osaze having some time together and looking forward
to getting married is her fantasy.

Check Out Osaze Odemwinge's Girlfriend! 2

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A friend of the
socialite said  the negative
talk on the babe is the work of haters who are intimidated with her rising
profile as a high end fashion accessory dealer. She is fashionable,born into
mega fortune and she would not do any of those things people talked about.What
do they want from her? Let them go and hug the electric cable. She is famous
already so she is not trying to fly on the wings of Odemwinge.


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