Steph Nora Okere settles with Psquare Over Music Theft

Incase if u missed the earlier report on them last month, click here…. The actress accused the Okoye brothers of stealing material from one of the
tracks in
her yet-to-be released debut album.

According to their managers, they’ve resolved the issue.

Steph-Nora’s manager, Ope Banwo said “There is no case again. The matter has been resolved. They’ve
settled and I believe it’s over. They are friends”

While P-Square’s
PR spokesmouth, Bayo Adefu said “P-Square never had any problem with Steph Nora in the first place
because they were surprised to read all she said in the media. Listen to both
songs and you will realize there’s no similarity”..

Anyways if you listen to the tone used by each spokes mouth….you will find out that one needs to sharpen sharpen his brain…

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