Can You Believe She’s 67!!!

She is not a celebrity oooooooo cos i know thats what people will start saying…. she is just an ordinary office worker…..

I am tired of  advanced women either being treated like
children or
like senile washer women, merely because their ovaries have dried up.

I wonder why people have this aversion to
older women spending time and money on their appearance. I think it’s jealousy.

Well Anne said she looks
this way thanks to running four-and-a-half miles four times a week and ‘no booze
for 32 years’.

I think for female morale and the good of the
economy more women should show the same commitment to their looks.

Not only would the streets be brighter, but
women over 50 or 60 would realise they have so much to offer and that, in fact,
the fun has only just begun 

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