NDLEA Pumped Water Into My Anus – Baba Suwe

NDLEA Pumped Water Into My Anus - Baba Suwe 1

According to Baba Suwe, NDLEA guys pumpeed water into his anus….in his words he  said;

“The day after I was granted bail (Wednesday), they just came at about 9 am and took me to a hospital in Victoria Island. When we got to the hospital, they put something in my mouth and another in my anus.“They now pumped water into my anus. After they pumped water into my anus I started defecating.“I defecated again several times on getting to their office.”

Meanwhile, his lawyers are also insisting on suing NDLEA, they said

“They would do more than apologise. Heads must roll in the organisation. They better start to look for other jobs. It is as simple as that … They kept him for 24 days without getting any evidence and that in itself constitutes a very gross violation of our constitution. You can’t arrest a person for this long period without evidence.”

Hmmmm oya lets go there…Baba Suwe versus NDLEA who will win???????????????

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