BREAKING NEWS: Two dead at Virginia Tech and suspect still at large after crazed gunman opened fire on campus.

       Location: Shots were fired in various parts of the campus today and the gunman is still at large

Oh no not after 32 people were killed in this same school in 2007 now two people – including a police officer – are dead after a crazed gunman went on a shooting rampage at Virginia Tech campus just after noon today.

The police officer stopped a car during a routine traffic stop in the Coliseum parking lot and was shot. The suspect then fled on foot towards Cage lot and gunned down the second victim.
Montgomery County Schools are now on lockdown, sparking fears the gunman may have left the campus.

The suspect was described as a white male wearing gray sweat pants, a gray hat with neon green brim, a maroon hoodie and backpack.

An alert told students and faculty to stay inside and lock doors after the shots were fired at a parking lot near the campus, where 33 people died in 2007 in the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history.

FBI agents were called to the Performance Arts Building where they believed the gunman was hiding, but it was a false alarm as a student wearing similar clothes surrendered.
A SWAT team was placed at the Squires Student Centre but left after finding no suspicious persons inside.

Senior VA Tech police and university officials were all in Washington DC today to appeal the $55,000 fine for the way they handled the 2007 shooting.

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