Think she may have failed: Learner taking test drives car into the Pacific after misjudging a bend

Sunk: The accident happened after Angela Castro hit the accelerator rather than the brake as she driving a pick-up alongside instructor Edgardo Aguilera

Taking your driving test is a nerve-wracking experience.
But spare a thought for this hapless learner who failed her test after losing control of her car and crashing into the Pacific Ocean.

Angela Castro, 35, was taking her exam in a pick-up truck in Antofagasta, Chile, when she misjudged a bend and drove straight on instead of applying the brakes, the learner then hit the accelerator pedal, smashing through a metal barrier and diving straight for the ocean.

As the car began to sink into the water examiner, Edgardo Aguilera, managed to scramble free and emerge relatively unscathed.

That's a fail! A woman taking her driving test in Chile crashed into the Pacific Ocean after she misjudged a bend

But eyewitnesses watched in horror as Ms Castro struggled to undo her seatbelt.
She was only saved when a heroic passer-by jumped into the ocean and managed to free her.

Salvage operation: The pick-up was later pulled from the ocean by teams from the Navy and Police

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