I’m Always In Touch With My Late Fiance: Late Footballer’s Lover Reveals

I'm Always In Touch With My Late Fiance: Late Footballer's Lover Reveals 1

Folashade Adeshina, fiancée of the late Super Eagles defender, Olubayo Adefemi, has passed through turbulent times one year after she lost Adefemi just before their marriage..It was exactly one year (on Wednesday) since Olubayo Adefemi, a former Super Eagles defender, died in Greece in an auto crash while on his way to the airport to catch a flight to Nigeria to finalise details of his wedding to beautiful model, Shade Adeshina. The wedding had been scheduled for May 26, 2011.

But then she got the bad news through a telephone call from her pastor, Ola Akintomide, while in the kitchen cooking; alas it was one call which would eventually change her life. Adefemi was dead.

Folashade says she still communicates with the late footballer in her dreams. It’s weird but she insists it’s true.

She said, “I want people to know that the dead can get in touch with the living. Before you can achieve that, you have to open your heart and beg God to give you the chance. I did it and it worked for me.

“I see Bayo in my dreams and he gives me directions. He even showed me the beautiful and quiet place he is. It is a beautiful garden, just like the description of the Garden of Eden in the Bible.
“It might sound weird to people, but what am saying is true. Seeing him doesn’t mean death is knocking on my door as superstitious people are want to believe. I will not die but live to declare the glory of the Lord to the shame of the devil. I only asked God to give me the privilege to see him in my dreams, and He granted me my request.”
She admits that it would be difficult loving again but she says Olubayo has helped in reshaping her life even in death.
“Before I doubted if I could (love again) too but Bayo appeared to me in a dream and told me to move on with my life,” she said.
But will she ever meet a man as nice and caring as Olubayo? Your guess is as good as mine.
“Well, let’s wait until then,” she summed up.
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