You Know Your A Grownup When…..

You Know Your A Grownup When..... 1

(1).In an argument between ur parents and ur younger siblings, you
actually take mum and dad’s side much 2 d annoyance of siblings.

have successfully kicked one of these habits: smoking, bitting your
nails, runing back to old boyfriends/girlfriends everytime a new
relationship goes south…..remember they are ur ex for a reason.

(3)……You calculate how late you can stay out on saturday night based on how early your church service is on sunday….continue reading to find out if your grown or still a big baby.

(4)…..You date and after years, you’re still waxing strong because you can hold your own.

of waiting for that special occasion, you decide to treat yourself to a
bottle of chilled drink alone tucked into a good book or you choose to
wear that designer stuff out just because……

have a friend who tries to downplay your success but instead of hating
him/her, you actually feel sorry for his/her insecurity.

(7).You actually hear something negative about a friend(someone) you do not like and feel sorry for them instead of gloating

A molue hits your brand new car, and instead of you letting out a
stream of abuses, you just nod your head at his/her apology and drive
off seeing the incident as one of those days.

(9). You’ve saved up rents money months before its due.

choose not to get agitated when ur mother nags you for the upteenth
time about an issue she feels strongly about. Instead you smile at her
and say you appreciate how she feels.

(12).You won’t
even think twice driving from Ikoyi to Ikeja at an ungodly hour when
your best friend calls you under extreme duress and needs serious
girls/guys talk.

Before u call yourself, check if u’ve got these qualities.


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