How I Enlarged My Butts–The blackmarket true story

Wonder, 30, a mother-of-two from America’s Midwest, has revealed how
she became addicted to silicone shots to increase the size of her

nurses, police officers and gospel singers also among the clients, many
were ‘people who know this is wrong,’ Vanity told MailOnline.
says the main reason she decided to write the book was because she
wanted to tell her own story, but she was also keen to clarify many of
the misconceptions about a secretive world.

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the reasons women choose to undergo the procedure on the black market
in the first place, risking infection and even death, she said it is
not, as many people seem to believe, because they are trying to please a
man, or are deeply depressed……Continue
not what people think,’ she said. ‘There’s no common reason… Some
girls get it done only because everyone else is. There’s a lot of
not even because they didn’t already have a butt. They look in the
mirror and they don’t like what they see. They want the image they see
in the mirror to match the image they have of themselves in their head.’
started in 2006 – this is when everything was hush, hush, hush. You had
to search to find this stuff,’ she recalled. ‘Now anyone on the corner
will inject you with whatever they buy at the Kwik-E-Mart or at the gas
was referring to stories that have flooded the news in recent months,
of deaths after women were injected with Fix-A-Flat tyre sealant and
even cement.
admits that her own first experience with butt shots could have been
just as dangerous, as she had no idea what she was injected with – and
still doubts the answer she was given.
first two times, I was injected by a lady… when we finally asked her
[what we were being injected with], she said soybean oil. So my first
two times I had no idea what I was being injected with.

‘All the rest were done by [a different] lady, and it was medical grade silicone.’
says the difference in the two substances was huge. The silicone, she
says, is ‘a lot more moveable and jello-like. The ‘soybean oil’ made the
treated areas ‘stiff and hard’.

her butt now, Vanity said: ‘Because that original work has been covered
so many times, it’s all jiggly and very moveable. A lot of people are

Shot Girls serves as a warning to women who may be tempted by the low
cost and fast results of black market injections, Vanity admits many
still ask her where she can get them.

‘Women are still begging me, “Please tell me where to get them from!”‘ Vanity admits. ‘They are definitely chasing this.

‘That’s the reason why women are dying.

are so thirsty for these, they go to whoever they can find. Then people
want to exploit this and that’s where the problems come in.’

admits she stopped when she was nearly sent to jail, and she realised
that if anything were to happen to her, she would not be around to take
care of her sons.

It was a reality check that cut her addiction short.

When looking in the mirror now, she says she does not feel dissatisfied with her body.

‘It’s not that I feel happy, but I look in the mirror and I love who I am,’ she explained. ‘I didn’t go to jail, 

I have my arms and legs. I didn’t die because of the dumb crap that I did.

guess I do feel happy. I’m just so thankful that I’m here in one piece,
and that I’m able to tell people to stop on this path, because
somebody’s going to die.’

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