PHOTO: Is This The Best Way To Treat A Cheating Wife?

This picture has been circulating on social networks and i heard the dude caught his woman cheating on him and decided to embarrass her. Even mad men most times listen
to there conscience.. This guy ain’t got respect for women. Where is his conscience
and manners???.. As a matter of fact, its either his brain is dusty or he
doesn’t have one at all.
Its not his fault…
Illiteracy is a sin. U don’t need 2 disgrace her before
divorcing her. Nigga please wake up  “LOVE IS NOT BY
FORCE”……abi? If she cheats one needs to ask why? And find answers in
a cordial friendly way …and not by such a crude un-civillised way. This
is is abuse, violence and brutality against women and should not be
tolerated in a modern society.
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    • Laila you know that in this condition, the woman is helpless and is at the mercy of the husband. i am pissed wit her husband cos he not only embarrassed her but their children also.

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