Boko Haram denies being responsible for Mubi massacre

Boko Haram denies being responsible for Mubi massacre 1
Boko Haram has openly denied being  responsible for the execution of about 46 students in Mubi Adamawa…The students were executed in the middle of the night on Oct 1st 2012. Armed men broke into their hostel, gathered all of them, asked some questions and divided them. After the division, the killed the 46 students, execution style and departed!
According to Boko Haram,  “We have no business with students or student politics. If students are our target we would have killed them randomly on sight and in their school and not sneak on them in the creeping darkness in an area occupied by both students and residents.
“What would have been our target as far as I am concerned would have been the building and properties of the institution, since it is owned by the Government. At least, by now other students elsewhere would have been attacked if students are our concern.” … continue reading 

According to a report: He said the mode of attack is not characteristic of the sect’s numerous attacks. “Several press releases by our spokesman and Imam in the past have made it clear who our enemies are, I don’t have to repeat it here. I don’t think anybody amongst us has the time to draw up a list or read it out before executing the students.”
The group’s denial throws another controversy into the likely perpetrators of the dastardly act, which saw over 40 people, mostly students of the Federal polytechnic Mubi, killed on October 1 by armed men. Security agencies are already investigating the criminal act.
The man who spoke for Boko Haram also claimed that even though the sect lost some members during the battle with JTF, the JTF also lost men but was hiding its casualty figure.
“We have killed a lot of security personnel in the north especially in Yobe and Borno state, far more than the lies the JTF sell to you, media,” he said; adding that “a significant number of our brothers were killed but most of the people the JTF have killed have nothing to do with us. They are just youths in the wrong place at the wrong time.”
The Boko Haram member said the sect’s official spokesperson, Abu Qaqa is still alive. He however refused to confirm if Qaqa is alive with the group or is being detained by security agents.
“Our Imam has made it clear in his last video that Qaqa is alive, but I cannot answer your queries whether Qaqa is alive with us or with the security agencies,” he said.

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