Giant Whale Washes Up On South African Beach

Grim task: The body of the whale is prepared before being loaded onto a truck
A large section of coastline in South Africa has been closed after a 15-metre whale washed ashore following an attack by great white sharks. The whale was removed from the surf after its carcass attracted high numbers of great whites to the coast by Muizenberg beach, near Cape Town.
A Giant baby whale also washed up on one the Nigerian Beaches 3 years ago. See the Pictures HERE.
Click read more below, to see more pictures of the South African beach whale and how they disposed it.

From head to tail: A council salvage team member records the length of the stranded whale's carcass

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Study: The beached southern right whale is photographed after washing up on Muizenberg beach
Shark bites: As the whale is flipped over by the bulldozers, sections of its body where sharks had feasted can be seen
Dust to dust:Sand clings to the body of the dead animal as it is rolled up the beach
Final farewell: The whale is driven away on a flatbed truck to be disposed of
Taken away: Police officer observes as the whale is prepared for transportation


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