VIDEO: Why Lagos Area Boys Drink Ogogoro

In a small Shekpe store at the back of Oshodi bus stop (where most fear to tread, let alone film), local Area Boys explain why they are so notorious for drinking Ogogoro. You can buy it in bottles or small sachets.

Anytime I’m angry. If I want to make myself okay – then I come here,” explains local Area Boy pointing to the alcohol store. “It dey make me dey Ginger!”

But, perhaps, the real real reason many of these boys turn to alcohol is unemployment, as Jumoh explains:
I’m jobless o – no work o. I normally buy phone or sell phone but there’s no job now,” he says, hissing.

The owner of the Shekpe store, who declines to give his name, has been in business for two years now and explains that his main cliente all usually young men. “The best days we sell are weekends, on Saturday and Sunday from morning to down.

And then, when it was time for the camerapeople to leave, one of the Area Boys added: “All this thing you dey do now – you go pay o!

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