My Husband’s brother Raped Me Twice. Please Advise me On What To Do

My Husband’s brother Raped Me Twice. Please Advise me On What To Do 1
I am in my mid 30′s successful, happily married with 2 kids, my husband loves me so much in fact I don’t think there’s any man like him.
He has a younger brother called Dele. We are very good friends even I do call him my younger brother he just finished his youth service and refused taking up any job on the ground that he has not find the one that suites him.
Of late Dele started coming to the house to demand money from my husband it got to a point that I said to myself this is becoming too much so I decided to have a chat with him thinking I could talk some sense into him.

After having a word with him he thanked me and said he was going to wait for my husband to arrive because he needed some money coincidentally when my husband arrived he said he has no money, Dele then left the house angry.
I tried calling him back to at least give him T-fare but he just walked away. The next day when my husband left for work and my children for school He showed up at the door on letting him in he started yelling at me calling me all sorts of name accusing me of preventing my husband from giving him money.
I tried explaining but he won’t listen, on leaving the house he said he will show me. That night I refused telling my husband just to avoid further tension between him and his brother.
To my surprise the following day he showed up again this time on opening the door for him he just pushed me, I staggered off my feet to the floor and got up. He went to the door and locked it up with the key when he came back he said he has come to show me.
I was terrified I pleaded with him again trying to explain but he pushed me again this time I fell on the couch, he came on me at this point I knew what he was up to, I tried fighting back but the woman in me was just so weak, he finally had his way inside me and he ended up raping Me he didn’t even care despite the fact I was on my period, I felt so bad and dejected I wept but no way to fight back. That evening when my husband came back he noticed I wasn’t feeling too well but I tried covering it all up because I don’t just know how to tell him about the incident.
Just last week Dele came again and this time the same thing happened again he raped Me for the second time, am so traumatized I don’t know what to do.
Should I tell my husband? What if he doesn’t believe it was rape? don’t you think my home will be destroyed?
Can someone please tell me how to at least stop this guy because I’m scared it will happen again for the third time.
Please I need your advise on how best to go about this.
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  1. I don't believe you at all, and please don't tell me you never wanted this so called your husband brother to have sex with you all these while. Because how come he keep coming to make love to you and your so woman in you couldn't do anything and to an extend you still telling us you're afraid he might fuck you again. aha women na waoo!

  2. hmmm, his he breakin d door to get access! if d first was dat u allowed your huband's brother to enter your home, why open d door for him d second time? why always u re at home,? u don't av a job or wat?

  3. please , just try to have a solid evidence that will help u out bc this is a serious issues evidence like video or audio recording with that u can free urself from all the mess.

  4. First there are some many tins that lead to dis. I believe u have such tin in mind toward him but becos his ur brother inlaw u are scared to disclose such satanic leading intention with him. He has been touching u before this incidence and u have blind affection toward him. I can tell u,u cos it and if u there move an inch by telling ur husband now at second time u are bondle for fire becos where were u or ur husband at d first time? Even if u can puch him becos u are woman, did he tear ur pant or inner wear? I believe u have been cheating on ur husband even before ur brother inlaw take u by surprise. If u don't want a dog to eat meat will u bring it beside him? Even ur dressing is not mature as a married woman. Why must u dress and exposs all ur body? What a shame on ur husband.

  5. If u dont tell ur husband, the boy will continue with this satanic act. If u know ur husband will not believe u, let him hid somewhere when he is thought to have gone to work and watchout to catch his brother red handed or, you dont open the door for him again when ur husband is not at home. U just have to address it before it gets out of hand.

  6. Did ℓ̊ read rape? Is that really rape?
    Come on lady u are just wishing dele comes for the third time….meanwhl,y ask if u shud tell ur hus knwing that he might hv read this bcoz despite ur disguised image,ℓ̊one can still easily tel hu u are… more questn am askn is "don't u fynk u Ar rather sending an open invitation for more trousers to kiss ur skirt";considering ur dressind?

  7. I can imagine what u r telling and same time I can imagine how it feels But I want to know d truth I want to know how connected u r to ur husband? Does he know u? Can he identify u even when u wear a mask? How faithful can he rate u? Can he stand by u thru thick and thin? Rough n smooth? Dis r questions u must ask urself and answer urself honestly. If all ur answer to d above questions r yes then u can tell ur husband. U know family issues like dis should b handle carefully b'cos dis issue or case can tear a lovely family apart.( You may withheld d no. Of time but if ur husband seek to know u can tell him) remind always tell d truth cos it pays! If d truth hurts but sets u free it ok….. The is this organisation call VOW stop Violence On women. Dey can help u

  8. Tellin ur husband is d best tin u can ever tink of rite frm d day one he threated u but u refuse 2hid it frm him bcus u feel u wanna protect d family frm disagreement.but criously,I dnt fink I can call dat rape if u cnt confide in ur husband frm d 1st time d incident happened,now d 2nd one nd u expectin d 3rd one.if ur husband trust u enough as wife den I see no reason y shudn't tell him or make an arrangment wen next u see dele @ur door step.

  9. This is cirious! All wat I can tell u is no matter wat 1 single man can'nt rape a woman not even d 1st tym but 4 d 2nd tym. U have 2 b very careful & faithful with ur marrage

  10. I'll advice u dnt say anything to yur husband till after d 6th time or more. U b mumu? Abi u tink say na children we b wey no get sense?

  11. I wan ask u eh, pple noo dey 4 ur compound? U noo fit shout as a narried dt saw strange tin? Did he pull ur cloth wit gun or knife, hw him tek penetrate? Na only una de liv 4 d Estate? A single man cannot rape a wuman dis way my dear,abi u de dey naked open door 4ram? Abeg stp dis joor, n don't call it rape again b4 u got me annoyed, u ar havin a secret affair wit ur husbands broda n he's nw demandin moni 4rm u or else he will tell ur husband wot has been happenin n u want 2 put it dis way, u tink say we b small children? As him dick jst enta ur toto u jst de enjoy ur sef de go cum here cum de tell us nonsense. If I b ur husband eh, u ar goin .dtz d end of it. Wetin mek u noo tel am @ d initial stage? As a married wuman,wetin mek ur husband noo goo marry him broda instead of u, pis maker.u neva tok d truth. C ur booby as married wuman, if I catch eh.

  12. hi. I do feel for u n deeply understand ur frustrations. I think u should tell ur husband if he doesnt believe u then he doesnt deserve u. Many people may not understand till they can be put in a situation similar or close to urz. Just tell ur husband, if he is a jork he wont believe u, n try to get help from a rape crisis centre near ur area.


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