Woman Burns Her House Down, After She Set A Snake On Fire

Snake fire
A Texas woman who doused a snake in her yard with gasoline to kill it found out a little too late that that might not have been the best idea.
via Fox News
Authorities say a northeast Texas woman recently learned a hard lesson: Don’t try to kill a snake by setting it on fire.
The woman was cleaning the yard outside a home near Texarkana Wednesday night when she spotted a snake. Bowie County Sheriff’s Capt. David Grable says she poured gasoline on the snake to try to kill it. Her son then dropped a lit match on the snake.
The engulfed snake slithered into some brush nearby the home. Grable says the brush ignited and started a fire that destroyed the home and damaged one next door.
So not only did she blaze up herown ish with this bright idea, she ruined someone else’s house too. SMH.
Photo Credit: KHOU Texas

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