Man Desperate To Find Ghosts In His House, Sets Up Cameras, Instead Catches His Girlfriend Having Sex With His 16-year-old Son

Man Desperate To Find Ghosts In His House, Sets Up Cameras, Instead Catches His Girlfriend Having Sex With His 16-year-old Son 1
Just when you thought you might be able to catch a ghost spooking your house while you’re away, you find that you’ve been spooked by another kind of evil spirit. A man in Australia was obsessed with finding ghosts in his house, so he did what he’d seen on movies: He put a camera in the house to see what evidence he could find that ghosts were violating his home.
Instead, the man caught his teenage son been violated by his girlfriend, (The boy was sleeping with her while he was gone). Maybe he was so focused on the ghosts that his girlfriend found other ways to fill up her free time.
The man called the cops and arrested his girlfriend for sleeping with a minor. The 28-year old woman was booked and pleaded guilty to five counts of inter-course with a minor.

Crown Prosecutor Jackie Hartnett said that the woman went into her stepson’s room to talk about driving lessons. That’s when a bit of tickling led to some kissing and the rest was history. That was the day before her boyfriend set up the camera to catch ghosts, catching his girlfriend with his son. He allegedly forgot to turn the camera off; otherwise he might not have been able to catch the two in the act.
The man only saw the two kissing and cuddling, and the girlfriend said that it was nothing. But the son broke down and confessed that the two had slept together three times. That’s when the man called police and the woman confessed to what she did, while knowing he was just 16-years old.
Even more amazingly, the woman had gone with the boy to another part of the state where they continued the fling. Defense attorney Steve Chopping said that the couple has broken up over the incident and that she feels terrible for what she did. She also thought that 16 was the age of consent.

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“She accepts this is not a relationship which can or will continue,” he told the court.

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