67 Year Old Young Looking Grandmother claims sperm facials are her anti-ageing secret

Stella picked up the tip in India when she was learning the art of tantraSkincare secret: She advises people to 'scoop this amazing sperm mask up in your fingers, put it on your face, leave it for fifteen minutes and wash it off'


From Kim Kardashian’s vampire facials – which draws her own blood before injecting it back into her face – to Simon Cowell’s beloved sheep placenta facials, there’s some weird and wonderful beauty treatments on the market today. But one grandmother’s bizarre beauty secret has just gone and trumped them all.
67-year-old Stella Ralfini from London says that her key to eternal youth is semen facials…she said

‘It’s worth thousands and thousands, but it’s free,’
‘All you need is a lover but if you don’t have one, you know what to do. All you need to do is, every ten days or two weeks, just both have a good time, make sure he has a good time, and when your beautiful love-making session is over, you are going to scoop this amazing sperm mask up in your fingers, put it on your face, leave it for fifteen minutes and wash it off.’

”I know some of you are thinking “What is she saying?!” but we have to assume that your lover is a healthy clean man and eats wells.

Stella describes a lover’s semen as ‘the freshest cell therapy available on our planet’ because, she claims, it is packed with recognised proteins and minerals that are known to reduce the ageing process.

Also 51 year old actress Heather Locklear, 51, said she uses semen on her skin . In an on-camera interview with TMZ, actress Heather Locklear, 51, was asked if she had any recommendations for anti-ageing skincare products.

‘You just put semen on your face,’ she replied.

According to NY magazine, human sperm is a powerful anti-oxidant that is said to diminish wrinkles and smooth the skin.

Cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Oscar Hevia told that there’s some truth in this bizarre beauty tip.

‘Semen contains proteolytic enzymes, which are designed to break down proteins. In theory, if applied to the skin, these enzymes could help to break down the uneven and thickened dead layer of older, sun-damaged skin. This could make the skin feel smoother.
‘However, this might only be achieved with daily application for days or weeks. It would also not be practical as a “mask,” since it is a body fluid and will not remain stable outside the body. It would lose its beneficial effect, if any, very quickly after application.’

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