Beyonce And Rihanna Cover Vogue’s 2014 MET Gala Special Edition

**Beautiful ladies**
Beyonce and Rihanna fans have in the past going hard at each other simply they all acknowledge their diva as been superior to the other. But today both parties will surely smile cos their diva’s are both on the cover of a magazine together. This has never happened before.
Meanwhile two days ago, Beyonce shared the same picture used in the mag cover on her instagram. she has now silenced rumours the Solange and Jay Z fight was over Jay planning to go to Rihanna’s party without his wife Beyonce.
While Bey wore head-to-toe black, complete with head piece, Rihanna showed off her toned stomach in a revealing white number – and they look like BFFs to us. The Instagram pic when you continue..

Beyonce And Rihanna Cover Vogue's 2014 MET Gala Special Edition 1

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