Kendra Wilkinson Says Out Of Annonyance, She Flushed Her Million Dollar Wedding Rings Down The Toilet

Kendra Wilkinson’s Husband Hank Embroiled In A Cheating Scandal With A Transsexual Model; Kendra Kicks Him Out!
Since the rumors about Hank Baskett having an affair with a transsexual model first surfaced, we have not heard a peep from Kendra Wilkinson. Although, being spotted out and about without her wedding rings, the Kendra on Top star has left us wondering just where she stands with her husband.
Well, in a newly released trailer for the  upcoming season of her reality show, Kendra gives us a first glimpse into exactly how she feels. In the trailer Kendra compares reading the headlines about her husband’s affair to getting shot. She says with each headline, it was just like getting shot in the gut. And to make matters worse, the affair allegedly happened while Kendra was eight months pregnant with their second child. Talk about low.
The most shocking revelation in the trailer is when Kendra claims that she flushed her wedding rings down the toilet. This is where things start to sound fishy to me. No matter how much you are hating someone, are you really going to flush thousands of dollars down the toilet?

Now, there are a couple of theories you can take with this whole situation. Kendra has remained mum because she is heartbroken and does not want to talk about it. Which also will keep everyone extremely interested in the storyline, which will in turn boost the ratings of Kendra on Top. There are also pessimists out there who think that they entire situation was completely made-up for ratings, ala Tori and Dean. Which might be a new low in the reality world.
Only time will tell if this situation helps with ratings of Kendra on Top. But, I can tell you one thing,  I will be watching because I want to see those rings actually get flushed! Something tells me that that particular scene will “end up getting edited out.”

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