Ebola Scare As Passenger Dies Mid Air On Flight From Nigeria To New York After Vomiting Profusely

There was an Ebola scare today among Arik Air passengers flying from Lagos to New York when a  63-year-old United States citizen flying from Lagos died of a heart attack about an hour before the Arik Air plane landed at Kennedy Airport on Thursday, October 17, 2014.
Ebola Scare As Passenger Dies Mid Air On Flight From Nigeria To New York After Vomiting Profusely 1

The man boarded the JFK-bound flight filled with about 145 passengers on board yesterday night (Wednesday, October 16, 2014) but died mid air before arriving New York.
Flight attendants called the CDC, Port Authority and customs officials, who then boarded the plane in protective gear as it touched down, forcing the 145 worried passengers to remain on board while the authorities conducted tests on the body.
After a short evaluation, he was declared Ebola free which promped concerns there are still ‘vulnerabilities’ at airports.
Meanwhile, the duration of the test conducted on the corpse didn’t go down well with a lot of people who described it as “very brief” pointing out that the test to detect the deadly disease should take longer than the few minutes it took the officials.
Among them was a Republican congressman, Peter King who wrote a letter to the Department of Homeland Security in that regard.
Find the letter when you continue…..

Concern: The scare at JFK involving the passenger from Nigeria prompted Republican Congressman Peter King to write to the Department of Homeland Security, suggesting there are still 'vulnerabilities' at airports (Photo Credit: DailyMail)

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Action needed: The representative for New York's 2nd District asked if the potential of having isolation zones within the terminal had been looked at  ( Photo Credit: DailyMail)
Following the death of Thomas Eric Duncan – a Liberian man who died of Ebola in a Dallas hospital – the ability of hospital and airline workers to contain the deadly virus has come under scrutiny.
After Dallas nurse Nina Pham contracted Ebola while treating Duncan, the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in which she works came under fire for not properly training and protecting its employees.
Following that news, Briana Aguirre – who worked with both Pham and Vinson  –  spoke with NBC and stated that hospital workers were woefully unprepared for treating Ebola patients.
Vinson flew from Dallas to Cleveland with a slight fever soon after treating Duncan. She contacted the CDC before her flight and was told it was safe to travel.
As a result, dozens of people with whom she came contact in both Texas and Ohio have now been quarantined.
Although Ebola Virus was in Nigeria for some months, the World Health Organization is set to declare us Ebola-free by Monday, October 20, 2014 if no fresh case is recorded.

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