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Advice to married women: Flirt with Your Husband, Be A Whore To Him.



Flirt With Your Husband…..You know,  most women just get so relaxed the moment they get the rock and the Mrs. title and leave a lot of things to chance especially in the area of sex. 
Advice to married women: Flirt with Your Husband, Be A Whore To Him. 3
I used to be friends with a lady who said to me 

“Ib,  I have male child now so my feet is strong kakaraka”

I’ve never been married,  but then I know a lot of women are losing their marriages to sidechics everyday over little carelessness.
This man said to me;

”ever since she had our son,  she became nonchalant towards me, it’s her son always… I’m like nonexistent around her.”

Ma’am,  wake up!!! Do you remember when you were still dating him? You’d tell him those sweet words that scatters his dada? Do you remember how you’d just call him phone for no reason just to tell him you’re missing him? Do you remember how you’d tell him you miss his touch and can’t wait to see him again for some wild sexual encounter?

I know you’re saddled with caring for the kids,  but we also know there was Honey before Junior…theres this man before your son,  you were his wife before you became the mother of his kids.
There’s this thing you must be reminded about: you have to do what you did to have him,  to sustain him. Strike a balance,  make some readjustments.
There’s nothing wrong with sending your husband a message to tell him “pussy is served in the noon”,  if he’s not bound with workload,  he’ll dash home for a quickie.
Do you know you can give him a quickie in his office,  if he works in a setting where he has his office to himself with no secret camera watching? You can send him a pix of your honeypot just to excite him during the day.
Side chics do these things,  reason your husband will be in the house with you and he’s thinking of her,  he smile for no reason and you think it’s normal? Some babe out there has been messing with his head.
There’s nothing wrong with snapping your honeypot during the day and sending to your husband,  even if you’re at work,  get into the ladies and snap it….
Single babes do these things,  yes oooo,  I used to do it with my boyfriend when I had one…. You have absolutely nothing to loose flirting with your husband,  if you don’t flirt with him,  is it me you’ll flirt with?
Quit being holy around your husband,  if need be,  play whore to him,  you both belong to each other so there’s no point being reserved when you should free it all for him.
Article written by First Lady Ibiene Williams.

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